Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Furniture retailing in America on the upswing

Retailing of furniture is an important segment in the economy of America. The segment covers manufacture, distribution and retail of home furniture, home furnishings as done by Furniture Now in Rochdale which can be seen in Furniture Now Reviews. During the economic downturn of 2008 the furniture retailing industry took a massive hit as home improvement projects had a negative impact. With the economy improving it appears that the 2013 statistic of furniture and home furnishings sales of over $100 billion will be crossed. 

The reasons are obvious. Home ownership is increasing as employment levels rebound. Consumer demand for home goods is focusing on high end quality goods as compared to mass market merchandise. To give an example; the U.S. tabletop industry reported that silver flatware alone contributed more than 70 million dollars in 2012 and the figure is growing.

Product innovation and environmentally friendly practices in businesses is leading the charge. Housing demand is rising (thankfully without the subprime madness) and rising affluence is contributing furniture demand. One of the known dealer in U.S. is Furniture Now Reviews

Industry statistics have revealed that furniture and furnishings store sales has crossed over $100 billion. Out of this almost 70% of sales has been achieved by top 100 furniture stores. That leaves $30 billion dollars as share of smaller furniture stores which is a good sign. Furniture Now Review have shown that a large proportion of their buyers favor retailers in their own neighborhood.
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